Pit Stop Skate Park Open

The Pit Stop Skate Park will be open on Thursday nights from 6:00 to 8:00. We hope to see you.  Waivers can be downloaded form the Links and Newsletter page. You can also find us on Facebook - Pit Stop Skate Park.


                                                         October Schedule

                                           3-8:00 Men’s Breakfast, Bible study
                                                       and work party
                                          13- 1:00- A.B.W. Meeting 
                                          20- 6:15- Board of Education 
                                                7:00- Boards of Spiritual Welfare 
                                                         &Property and Finance
                                                8:00- Council Meeting
                                          22- 1:00- Travelling Fun Seekers 
                                          31- 4:00 Harvest Party

                                            WEEKLY SCHEDULE

                                        9:30 Celebration of Praise
                                       10:30 Fellowship Time
                                       11:00 Worship Service

                                       10:00 Small Group at the Adam’s
                                        2:30 Pitstop
                                        5:30 Free supper
                                        6:15 Children’s place
                                                Good News Kids club
                                                Adult Bible Study
                                        7:25 Praise Band Practice
                                        3:00 Small Group at Judy Miller’s
                                        6:00 Skate Park