Pittstop is back

Pit Stop (for youth in grades 6 -12)   from 2:45 to 5:00 and will run every Wednesday for the school year when schools are in session.  We are hoping for a good turnout this year.  We provide a variety of games and food at a minimal cost.  We also take time to share God's Word

                                 Pit Stop Skate Park

The Pit Stop Skate Park is closed for the season ,see you in the spring.  Waivers can be downloaded form the Links and Newsletter page. You can also find us on Facebook - Pit Stop Skate Park
                                                              December Calendar
                                                         6 - 8:30 Men’s Breakfast
                                                                      Decorating Church
                                                         7 - 5:00 Christmas Dinner
                                                                        and movie
                                                         9 - 1:00 A.B.W, Meeting 
                                                        13 - 4:00 Parent’s Time Off
                                                        16 - 6:15 Board of Christian
                                                                7:00 Boards of Spiritual
                                                                        Property &Finance
                                                                 8:00 Church Council
                                                         18 - 1:00 Travelling Fun S
                                                                         Lunch at Leed’s 
                                                         24 - 7:30 Christmas Eve